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  • Professional-grade semi-matt print on archival paper.
  • Generous 1 inch border for easy framing.
  • Worldwide shipping.

SMALL: 8x10" print. Total size of 10x12 inches. 
Need a frame? Try this one from Amazon.

STANDARD: 16x20" print. Total size of 18x22 inches. 
Need a frame? Try this one from Amazon.

LARGE: 32x40" print. Total size of 34x42 inches. 
A custom frame will be needed for this size. Professional framing recommended. 


"Concealed in his fortress, the Lord of Mordor sees all. His gaze pierces clouds, shadow, earth and flesh. You know of what I speak, Gandalf: a great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame. He is gathering all evil to him." - Saruman

Does the all-seeing eye watch over us all? Does the evil Eye of Sauron gaze at us through the cosmos, observing our every move?

Don't worry, there's no evil here, just a beautiful collection of gas, dust, ,and stars.

Photographed here is the Helix nebula, which lies 650 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius. Also known as "The Eye of God", its mesmerizing shape arises from the quiet death of a Sun-like star, known as a planetary nebula. In a few billion years, the Sun will undergo a similar process.


These prints are made using some of the world’s most expensive paper and class leading printing. What does that mean for you?

A PRINT MADE TO LAST: Printed on archival paper to ensure the maximum achievable archival lifespan, these fade-resistant prints will look stunning on display for a very long time.

40 year fade comparison between standard photo prints & these prints:


PROFESSIONAL PAPER PRINTS: The designs are printed on professional matte paper that maintain natural color, preserving the beauty of the photos. You’ll feel like you’ve got an art display right in your home!

EYE-CATCHING COLOR QUALITY: With up to 16 million colors per square inch, these prints provide you with deep, rich colors and tonal range. These prints will grab the attention of anyone who catches a glimpse!



    Due to the nature of the prints, all sales are final.