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Grand Staircase Overlanding Astro Adventure

May 1st - 5th, 2024. Utah, USA.

This workshop is a true adventure.

You'll off-road to places few people go. You'll hike to alien landscapes. You'll be out in the wilderness under the stars.

Sound like your kind of adventure?



November 2nd - 5th, 2024. Southern Utah.

Think private lodge, personal chef, wine tasting, spa gifts & expert tuition in skies so dark you can see millions of stars. You'll learn how to use telescopes, trackers and how to create beautiful photos of deep space objects like galaxies and nebulas.


Dark Sky Stargazing Adventure

Coming soon

Advanced Moon Photography Workshop

Coming soon

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Deep dives on the night sky, our connection to the cosmos, and how to make a lifestyle out of the stars.

The Pleiades - The World's Oldest Story?

by Ian Lauer December 08, 2023

To some, the story of the Seven Sisters is said to be the oldest story in existence. How old are we talking? Try 100,000 years old.

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How To Go Stargazing (Your Mental Health Needs It)

by Ian Lauer November 24, 2023

For all of human existence, we’ve been able to see the stars every night. But we are now the first generations in a long lineage of humans that can no longer see them.

Let’s change that. 

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Digital Astrophotos

Bring the beauty of the universe wherever you go. Get exclusive access to my astrophotos in digital HD format, perfectly crafted for phone, laptop, and tablet wallpapers.

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