Kenneth LeRose


Kenneth LeRose is a nomadic full time traveler who specializes in Astro/Landscape Photography. Roaming the US in his tiny little Airstream (travel trailer) with his best furry friend Sabu. To make his work to stand out from the crowd, he writes thought provoking poems tailored to the mood of each of his images.

Consistently finding new ways to provide value to his fellow photographers, he has developed dozens of workshops all over the world. Kenneth is able to leverage his years of knowledge and experience to teach and create these epic 3-7 day Workshop adventures. Most of these workshops revolve around astrophotography. To him, It is crucial to get people excited about the night sky. “The more people that fall in love with our twinkling stars, the more awareness we can spread to the importance of persevering our night sky and minimizing light pollution”, says Kenneth.

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Ian Lauer

Ian Lauer is an astronomer, astrophotographer, adventurer, and public speaker with a passion for sharing the wonders of the night sky. With a background in astrophysics, he has worked with the top telescope manufacturers and retailers in the world, building telescope systems for private & professional observatories, astrophotographers, government projects and educational institutes.

His feel-good commentary and passion for the stars are infectious. Whether it’s speaking in front of thousands of people or 1-on-1, the joy and energy will always be there. With his ability to transform complex subjects into entertaining discussions, he has shared this love of the stars through multiple mediums such as podcasts, stage talks, films, and TV shows.

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