Ian Lauer Astro Stargazing Tours


Explore the wonders of the night sky June 5th and 6th, 2021, for two unforgettable nights of stargazing in the high desert of California, just outside of Joshua Tree National Park.

Your guide to the stars is Ian Lauer, a professional astrophotographer who holds a bachelor's degree in Astrophysics. With 10+ years in the astronomy world, he has captured the imagination of millions of people through stage talks, live events, and public outreach.

You will experience all the magic the stars have to offer as the sun sets and the stars begin to emerge. The location and dates have been specifically chosen to give you the full experience of a sky full of stars above, without interference of light pollution or the light of the Moon. This ensures you will have the best opportunity to experience the night sky in all its glory.


Join Ian as he takes you on a journey through the cosmos, retelling the stories written in the stars, the myths and legends of the constellations that have been passed down for generations. No need to worry about large crowds or light pollution. Just sit back in your included stargazing chair and enjoy the quiet desert and the stars above.


Using state-of-the-art modern telescopes, you will view the sky and the stars like never before. Take a tour through deep space with a high powered telescope and see galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae with your own eyes.


Each night is finished with a photoshoot of you and thousands of stars above, allowing you to take home a piece of the experience with you.


During your journey exploring the stars you will learn:

  • Different star names and constellations
  • Backstories and various histories of the night sky
  • Basic navigation using the stars
  • Star-hopping techniques
  • How to use a telescope
  • Different galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae
  • How to find the Milky Way
  • The motion of the stars
  • How to identify objects in the sky
  • Night sky photography basics
  • The effects of Light Pollution

Arrive in the late afternoon for a meet and greet. After we go over the agenda and get to know one another, we will have a quick discussion on stargazing techniques and review our stargazing location while dinner is prepared. Enjoy a relaxing dinner with a view as the sun sets and the day turns into night. Once the stars come out, sit back in your provided stargazing chair with drinks and snacks as you are taken on a tour of the night sky. After that, everyone will have an opportunity to have their photos taken under the stars.

Wake up with a cup of coffee or tea and a morning meal as you see how night sky photos are created. After breakfast, your day is yours to enjoy! You can take a trip through Joshua Tree National Park, explore the local towns, or enjoy the amenities and have relaxing day on the property. We will reconvene for a delicious dinner. During another beautiful sunset, you will learn how to use the  telescope. Once night falls and our eyes are adapted to the dark, we will explore deep space like never before! With a high powered telescope, you will view various objects while learning fascinating facts about each one. We then wrap the night up with another night time photoshoot with the stars.

We wrap up our amazing weekend with breakfast while reminiscing on a fun and exciting weekend before we say our goodbyes!


This weekend experience includes:

  • Two nights of stargazing
  • State-of-the-art telescope
  • Lodging for two nights
  • Your own bed (some sleeping arrangements have shared rooms, but you are guaranteed your own bed!)
  • Four meals - Two breakfast and two dinner
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks
  • All amenities of the property (Shower, Washer, Dryer, A/C, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • Red flashlight for night vision
  • Personal night time photoshoot under the stars (sent to you via email after images are processed)
  • Stargazing chairs


  • Transportation to the property
  • Lunch
  • Alcoholic beverages (you are welcome to bring your own)


Our #1 goal is to ensure you have an enjoyable weekend filled with stars and beautiful views! That being said, sometimes weather ruins our plans. While there are over 300 cloud-free nights a year in this area, we cannot control the weather.

If the weather looks at least 50% clear 5 days before the event, we will move forward as planned. If the weather conditions are poor, we can either reschedule for another weekend in the future, or we will provide you a full refund. Once we arrive to the location, no refunds are allowed.